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How It Works

How It Works

Twist It Out

Research has conclusively established that the inter-dental area is the area of the mouth that is the most prone to gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. and yet this area is the most neglected because most current cleaning devices are ineffective, difficult to use, and have many other disadvantages causing non-compliance.

Works Two Ways

PerioTwist™ is super simple to use. Just insert it between your teeth and twist or push/pull and let the magic of its design take care of the rest. You could also dip it into any paste (like toothpaste, mouthwash, flouride..etc for addition benefits) and twist it clockwise as you withdraw it leaving toothpaste or other medicaments to keep on treating.

World Class High-Tech Design

PerioTwist™ was designed and manufactured in Canada under strict supervision, using cutting edge technology and the very best medical-grade materials. Because of PerioTwist’s™ patented “screw” technology, it is the only inter-dental cleaner on the market that will both clean and leave the medicament between the teeth as the device is withdrawn.

PerioTwist™ FDA approved high-tech plastics finish reduces the likelihood of early breakage. Depending on usage, each PerioTwist™ may last up to 7-10 days so you can get 15-20 uses out of a single device!

Choose Wisely


PerioTwist vs The Competition

Forget floss and wire brushes that tear, scratch or break  There's a reason your dentist keeps telling you to floss - it's important! But there's also a reason no one ever does it! 

PerioTwist™ is designed to fit almost between all your teeth – no matter how large or small the space, or how large or small your hands are. Use it anytime, anywhere and in less time that the alternatives.

We are the only dental product that contains 100% natural anti-bacterial that self cleans between uses.

Great with Seniors!

PerioTwist™ is a great solution for seniors. As your mouth starts to age, your gums recede exposing large gaps between your teeth which are difficult to clean and at risk for infection. In addition, seniors have dryer mouths, which cause food to stick to the gums. PerioTwist™ is the perfect solution for seniors to target these problem areas and ensure great oral hygene.

Also, PerioTwist's™ ergonimically designed handle is perfect for those with limit dexterity.